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hashy taste of sweet dry dates and earthy pepper, indica high

It's excellent.

Nice strain, good medicinal properties - used for back pain and insomnia and worked WELL. As the bud tender at one of the clubs said "It'll Crush You!".


Another fun one.

Just a good all-around mind stopper for a while. Doesn't seem to potent, or unapproachable, good smoke effects, and generally tasty.

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Yeeee buddy this shit's the shit of all marijuana strains

while i bazed on the outter porch of my cuzins room upstairs, we pakked the pipe to the top and began to hit. then i loved it. tha lemoney smokey thick quick saliva lick hits got me high with a couple hits. right after the bowl was gone, i felt super high. plus its fall so i had ta pack another bowl. felt the earth and breathed what i felt.

This is an eye squinter, i.e. the name Connie Chung (Chinese eyes). Hits you fast and S L O W S you down! Heavy and Chill, not good for much else than eating and screwing. VERY mellow smoke, taste is almost non-existent and you can take a gigantic hit and not cough up a lung. Got me too stoned to write down or remember more. This would not be a good smoke for work. Find it, smoke it, grow it. This is a good strain. -odonamon

Warlock has an uplifting, Sativa-like high. Light, fruity-spicy-musty smell when ground up. Light tasting first hits, smooth & robust aftertaste. Enjoyed to the last hit (smoked out of a clean "bat" one-hitter) got six small tokes of 0.2g. The initial few hits yielded little to let me know how the journey was going to go. Ten minutes later it hit. A GREAT heavy, very up high. Very chill but alert, focused and somewhat physically active. Logic seemed shut off, tended to be an "animalistic" instinctive high. Like shutting off the nagging thinking, and lets you just "do". Open, but quite bloodshot eyes. Time went quite fast, and concentrating on Sudoku was easy. (My accuracy and speed were subpar, but I could focus for quite a while) Overall a great smoke, would be good for daytime activities that required no responsibility. -odonamon

very light heady herb, with a nice sativa high. makes the mood light and happy and can go about your daily activities with ease just in a happy go lucky mood. very smooth tasting and last for a decent amount of time after, a taste of sweetness almost like a candy (like your tongue after a jolly rancher) fluffy buds makes it look incredible with a rich orange hair, overall not as good as real NL #7 but for it self or this specific plant it was amazing

Very good indica strain. Buds are difficult to grind. My tolerance is pretty high but this gave me a nice kick. Overall 8/10

The Motavation by Magus Genetics offers a complex, long-lasting stone that is both cerebral and heavy. The top buds in particular have a definite trippy edge, with lots of colour flashes and mild hallucinations. While there is a cerebral edge, there's no getting away from this strain's strong sedative effect on the body. Heavy smoking will leave you completely wasted...but in a good way! I like to smoke a big one in the morning to set me up for the day, I find it leaves me feeling extremely positive, relaxed and happy. Unlike other heavy strains, there's no cold hands with this stuff and there's no real paranoid edge either. The taste is very fruity, rich and enjoyable to smoke over long periods.

Wow! A true one hitter, leaving me all to often taking a nap on the couch. Not impossible to work on, making it a great pain relief strain... if your used to the trippy factor. Every hit makes me cough, but the high that comes with it is truly boggling and one of a kind. As for taste, I used no butane by catching the solar rays through my magnifying glass (with sunglasses on), making this 25 day cured Kushy bowl taste magnificent all the way through. A keeper all around and for that I give it a 10/10!

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