Family Vault Purple - Flowers

Family Vault Purple Flowers

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Exceptional taste, blueberry Flower smell. Very distinctive look , few other High Grade Medical have this combo of great euphoric, relaxing high .

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This strain is a DARK purple drain and is a k ock out.. Ready to sleep? Here ya go, rainy day nothing going on HELLO... Taste is amazing from light to exhale and after taste, U ask Amazing... Rarity! Buy when You CAN!!

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Family Vault Purple is by far a perfect bud! I’m a girl and of course I love the color purple but this beauty is so good! It tastes sweet and it’s smells fruit like grapes and berries. I was stressed out and when I finally took a hit I was impressed by the smooth taste. This bud is grade A on my book. Perfect for the end of the day and time to relax. Enjoy!

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