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I could barely walk up the stairs after a joint of these buds. Really tasty and good for the end of the day.

10/10 for migraine headache. Cannot guarantee everyone will feel the same, but I am so impressed. I am writing this at work because it is so effective and amazing. I have had a migraine headache for the last 20 hours. Nothing has helped (Advil, other strains of bud) and I came into work upset. My coworker recognized my pain and gave me two sprays of this CBD stuff, and 1/2 hr later I'm groovin'!!!

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This is my pick-me-up. I love the vape and this cartridge tastes like pumpkin. Good with coffee before a long day. Not so great before bedtime, brain has trouble slowing down with this uplifting strain.

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Makes the eyelids a little heavy, better for relaxing after a long day. Smoke was pretty thick out of the bong, but normal when smoked in a joint.

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